Revisional procedures

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For those who have already undergone a weight loss procedure, and either they have not achieved the results they hoped or have new concerns afterwards, a revisional procedure may be considered.

Depending on the previous operation, you may require removal (eg. a gastric band), reversal or conversion to a different weight loss procedure.

Everyone is different and revisional procedures can be more complex. As such we encourage you to book an appointment with one of our surgeons and together, we can find a solution that is right for you.


BMI is not relevant if you are under 18 years or pregnant.

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If you do not meet the BMI or weight criteria, you still may be considered for surgery if your BMI is over 30 and you are suffering serious health problems related to obesity.

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If you choose we can share information about your health, medical history and lifestyle with our team who will determine whether you are a candidate for weightloss surgery.


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