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Weight Loss surgery specialists

Also known as weight loss or metabolic surgery, bariatric surgery is a proven treatment approach for the management of excess weight, obesity and diabetes. The goal is for patients to lose most of their excess weight, treat associated illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure and experience a healthier and improved lifestyle.

Bariatric surgery includes a variety of surgical procedures, generally performed laparoscopically (key hole), which work in different ways to enhance weight loss.

Deciding which procedure is right for you can be challenging and your surgeon will explain the options and offer a recommendation that is tailored to your needs.

About us

Northern Bariatrics aims to see all new patients within 2-3 weeks of inquiry. Telehealth, or zoom, consultations are also available. For those that proceed with surgery, an operating date can usually be arranged promptly and at a convenient time for you even during periods of particularly high demand.

Our services are provided across Sydney and surrounding region with a clinic located in Frenchs Forrest.

For those people wishing to undergo surgery, we currently operate out of Northern Beaches Hospital or the Sydney Adventist Hospital and provide a comprehensive followup.

We aim to provide:

Excellent surgical outcomes – Our specialist surgeons achieve excellent outcomes using proven weight loss surgery techniques.

Coordinated team care – Our specialist allied health team includes; nurses, dieticians, exercise physiologists and psychologists who work together to provide personalised care plans that address every aspect of your health.

Comprehensive aftercare – Research has shown that ongoing support from a specialist healthcare team significantly improves long-term weight loss and maintenance after bariatric surgery. All of our weight loss surgery packages include long-term dietetic and surgical team support.

Supporting your health and wellbeing

Reclaim your confidence and live
your best life.


Surgery options for weight management

We will continue to follow up with each patient for a minimum 24months following the procedure. This is a combination of visits with your surgeon, as well as the multidisciplinary clinic at Brellah.

They have a full range of professionals including Endocrinologists, Exercise Physiologists, Dieticians Physiotherapists, Mental Health Professionals and Personal Trainers.

They also provide structured exercise packages with a mix of solo and group visits, that may be added on to the aftercare program.


BMI is not relevant if you are under 18 years or pregnant.

Your BMI is

Answer the questions below and we can contact you to discuss your treatment options

Tell us about any other health issues

If you do not meet the BMI or weight criteria, you still may be considered for surgery if your BMI is over 30 and you are suffering serious health problems related to obesity.

Do you have either of these serious health concerns?

Have you experienced any of the following Health Risks Associated with Obesity?

BMI is not the only criteria

Something here about lifestlye or how long you’ve been trying to lose weight and what you’ve tried.

Tell us if you any of these apply to you

What is your outlook on weightloss?

Readiness to begin your wieghtloss journey is important.

How committed are you to your weightloss journey?

Fill in your details to to have these results sent to you.

If you choose we can share information about your health, medical history and lifestyle with our team who will determine whether you are a candidate for weightloss surgery.


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